El bosque pedagógico, by José A. Marina. José Antonio Marina is releasing a new book on education and teaching

The bosque pedagógico (“pedagogical forest”) to which José Antonio Marina alludes in the title of his last book, could very well be one of those “gardens” people enter only to find themselves unable to escape. Hence the second part of the title:

…y cómo salir de él (“... and how to get out of it"). The thing is, many times one would appreciate some directions to find one’s way through the jungle of education. In the pages of El bosque pedagógico –written in collaboration with Mariola Lorente and María Teresa Rodríguez de Castro – those directions, given by way of chapters, are clear and specific: what to learn (chapter seven); how it should be taught (the next one); and who should teach it (the tenth). In the end, The Pedagogical Forest closes with a "cartography" of sorts of that metaphorical forest. Which is good: to speak this clearly is to get closer to the solution in a topsy-turvy world of contradictory or even conflicting positions.

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