Agency Rights Update: Madrid’s CBQ Agencia Literaria

Saying that a good agency’s character is ‘built with many authors, not single ones,’ CBQ’s Claudia Bernaldo di Quiros calls our attention today to five titles making international rights sales.

Literary agent Claudia Bernaldo de Quiros studied art history, and after working in her native Argentina as PR officer and editor at various publishing houses, she set up CBQ Agencia Literaria in Madrid in 2007.

 “In Argentina I witnessed the obstacles local writers had to face, to get their works [seen] outside the country,” she says, “not only in translation but also in reaching neighboring markets” in Spanish.

CBQ’s roster includes mostly Latin American writers and illustrators. “An agency is built with many authors, not with single ones. In his book The Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino says that no single stone supports a bridge, it stands on many stones that work as a group.”

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