Alejandro Talaminos presents "Nuestro Quijote, nuestro Español" (“Our Quixote, Our Spanish), a Pedagogical, Didactic and Cultural Book for Learning the Spanish Language

Let’s learn Spanish with Don Quixote. Didactic and cultural, eminently practical and original, this book allows us to work on the Spanish language and to discover/learn about the universal works of Cervantes. In full color. “In a village of La Mancha…” In this way, Cervantes greets us.

He greets us and he introduces us to the beautiful, fantastic world of life itself, guided by the Castilian language. "Nuestro Quijote, nuestro Español" (“Our Quixote, Our Spanish”) wants to be a reconnaissance as well as an homage to those who – author and characters – have been showing us for a long time the ins and outs of existence, and who have been making us fall in love with the tongue that unites and defines us.  We can only wish that you, with what we are offering you here, can feel and share that Cervantine village of La Mancha. The main goals of this book are to interest the readers in Don Quixote and teach them about it, and, through it, teach them Spanish, giving them some colorful facts about Cervantes and the Spain of his time. • The book tries to snatch the attention of the readers/students, and strives to give them clear goals for searching, researching and personal development in everything they seek.

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