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Have a drink and improve your writing!.....with Marta Goldstein Ghelman. Join us on Wednesday, February 15 @ 7:00 pm. We are looking forward to see you there.

The King asserts that the Spanish language “is as much of a strategic asset as are natural resources”.

The language generates 16 per cent of GDP and 3.5 million jobs in Spain. Vargas Llosa urges speakers to care for the language because “without it our life would have been much poorer.”

2017: The Year of Gloria (Fuertes). Anthologies and reissues in the centenary of her birth. Books and activities in celebration of the centenary of the birth of Gloria Fuertes

It happens very often: an author —or an authoress – is forgotten by his or her readers during years, during entire decades, until it is time for a commemoration and he or she comes back to the forefront.

Páginas de Espuma reclaims Eloy Tizón’s already classic book and publishes again 'Velocidad de los jardines' (‘The Speed of Gardens’)

Paraphrasing Gardel, we could say that twenty years is nothing, but the phrase goes beyong its platitudinous roots in the case of Eloy Tizón’s short story collection ‘Velocidad de los jardines’ (‘The Speed of Gardens’).

Francisco Prado-Vilar: The legacy of the great Harvard Hispanic scholars. Ideas for a Latin future come from Harvard University.

Born in Galicia, Francisco Prado-Vilar obtained his PhD in Art History at Harvard University. After having held significant academic posts at Princeton University, at the University of London, and at the Complutense ...

Two New Spanish Language Publishers Launching This Year

La Casita Grande and Lil’ Libros seek to fill empty niches. Two new publishers have sprung up looking to fulfill what they see as a growing demand for books by Latino authors that are more varied than those currently being published.

Ecuadorian writer Ernesto Carrión wins the 2017 Casa de las Américas Prize for Literature

On Thursday night, the results of the 58th Casa de las Américas Prize for Literature, one of the most iconic awards in the continent, were announced. Writers from Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Peru and Brazil were the main winners. January 30th, 2017

The Havana International Book Fair (Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana) starts today

The Havana International Book Fair is one of the highlights of the Cuban annual social calendar. First held in 1982, the fair is usually conducted in February and is spread across ten days.

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