Spanish Publishers releases the award wining novel “Slow Years”

The novel by Fernando Aramburu won the 2011 Tusquets award.

Second hand books sold by weight

Spanish book store La Casquería started selling secondhand books by the kilo reports

Santillana releases “Me llaman la tequilera”

The historical biography “They Call Me La Tequilera” by Alma Velasco not only sketches a portrait of the artist who invented the Mariachi genre as we know it, but zealously reconstructs the passionate life of the extraordinary woman known as Lucha Reyes.

Días de Cine presents “Soldados de Salamina” until August 5th

The movie, based on Javier Cercas novel is featured at the Días de Cine Reading Club until August 5th. This initiative is sponsored by the America Reads Spanish program and the American Library Association to promote literature and the Spanish language in American libraries and universities.

Fundación GRS named new president

María Isabel de Andrés Bravo was elected president of Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez last month.

“Cincuenta Sombras Mas Oscuras / Fifty Shades Darker” by E.L. James and published by Vintage Books is #1 best selling title in Spanish in the US for week 29

Nielsen BookScan, part of the Nielsen Company (US) LLC, and America Reads Spanish (ARS) present the free, weekly list of the Spanish bestseller titles in the US Market for week 29 of 2012 (week ending 07/22/2012).

Liber workshops will analyze the challenges and opportunities of the publishing industry in the digital era

Liber 2012 will have more than 50 conferences that mark the way to a new book industry

ARS' July newsletter is now available

America Reads Spanish monthly newsletter features new releases like "Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal" by Alonso Salazar, and "Años lentos" by Fernando Aramburu. July's"Amigo del Español" is Sofía Vergara. Plus news, the multimedia section and much more.

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