Our Vision

During the last 8 years America Reads Spanish has been in the forefront of the promotional efforts towards Spanish language reading in the United States. During this time our team has worked tirelessly towards preserving the Spanish language in the U.S. by encouraging young Americans to explore the richness and variety of the Spanish literature.

The Hispanic population in this country is today more cohesive, determined and motivated to make a difference in their own future. Language retention and acquisition for second and third generation Hispanics is becoming a source of pride, which can and does coexist with the acculturation process that the majority of Hispanics embrace when they come to this country in search for something better.

Our program is supported today by celebrities, politicians and great professionals who understand the future outcome of this convergence and what it means for our common goal of creating a more cohesive and integrated world.

Our values are the same, our goals are compatible, our future is shared.

Ignacio Doncel
Head of Marketing for Service Sector Industries
Embassy of Spain - Trade Commission


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