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Cote de Pablo: “I have never done anything in Spanish and I would love to be able to do it”

Cote de Pablo said farewell to NCIS this week, at the beginning of the 11th season. Fans have long memories. They fondly recall the scene back in season 4 when Ziva David, then still a visiting Mossad agent, announced to Tony DiNozzo, "I will kill you 18 different ways with this paper clip." The audience was hooked on her. Born in Santiago de Chile, Cote, Maria Jose de Pablo, grew up in Miami where she decided to become an actress like her mother. In LA we had the chance to talk to her about her career and her character in the show.

Our Vision

During the last 8 years America Reads Spanish has been in the forefront of the promotional efforts towards Spanish language reading in the United States. During this time our team has worked tirelessly towards preserving the Spanish language in the U.S. by encouraging young Americans to explore the richness and variety of the Spanish literature.

Nicholas Sparks' latest novel releases simultaneously in both, English and Spanish

For first time in his career, Nicholas Sparks simultaneously publishes in both Spanish and in English. The Longest Ride is the newest addition to the library by this phenomenal writer. To this date, his books have sold over 85 million copies. From The Notebook to The Last Song, to his latest, The Longest Ride, his rich storytelling leaves readers wondering: How does he continue to write so many novels, each seemingly better than the last? This is the story of two very different couples, Ira and Ruth on one side and Sophia and Luke. Both stories would connect through some sort of serendipitous event that would make reading the book pure enjoyment from beginning to end. From Los Angeles we bring to you this exclusive interview as we introduce the author that choose to print his novel in both English and Spanish, for the first time.

Jeff Daniels: a man passionate for the Spanish culture

Jeff Daniels, the lead actor in the TV series Newsroom, says that is better to read Don Quixote than to watch The Kardashians on TV. He is one of the best actors working in Hollywood, a man of integrity and passionate for the Spanish culture. His new character in Newsroom is inspired by Don Quixote, as his creator Aaron Sorkin reveled in the past. Trying to play the spirit of Cervantes character, Daniels teaches a real acting lesson in Newsroom as anchor Will McAvoy.


Chris Pine: “A good Californian guy should speak Spanish”

Until now Chris Pine was the star of romantic comedies but his new character as Captain James T Kirk in the saga Star Trek is going to change all that. Pine is all smiles when we meet with him in the Four Seasons Hotel of Beverly Hills, the first words to us were in Spanish because, as he says, a good Californian guy should speak Spanish.

Pitbull: “Spanish is the second most influential language”

Fully bilingual rapper, songwriter, and record producer Armando Pérez, better know as Pitbull, was born in Miami to Cuban parents. He began rapping at a very young age, and his first recorded performance was from the Lil Jon album Kings of Crunk in 2002. Two years later he released his debut album M.I.A.M.I. and in 2010 Armando was Pitbull’s first Spanish language studio album. Now days, Pitbull has become a global superstar as both, a recording and performing artist, with world tour sold out concerts in Latin America, Canada and Europe, and he is also a successful business entrepreneur. In the animated movie Epic, with Beyoncé Knowles and Colin Farrell, Pitbull gives his voice to Bufo, described by the artist as “a froggy that's in the forest with a suit on, and a chain, it looks like a Cuban from the by-gone times.” America Reads Spanish talked to Pitbull about his career, his music, his fans and the importance of Spanish in the USA.

Ryan Gosling: “I’ve had fantasies of moving to Spain”

Ryan Gosling is one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood, probably the world’s hottest actor and with him we had the opportunity to talk in Los Angeles. In person he is normal, not a diva, maybe because he has been in the spotlight since he was a kid. And make no mistake — that’s what he is; he started out like Britney, Christina and Justin, on The Mickey Mouse Club, age 12. But today, a grown-up 32-year-old, there have been no sex tapes, no drug busts, no whiffs of scandal. Instead, he’s sharply dressed and well-groomed. He’s fit, and good at what he does for living. He’s weirdly normal, aside from being the coolest man on the planet. The ideal man does exist. It’s Ryan Gosling and he is planing to move to Spain...

Mark Wahlberg: "Yes, I do a little (speak Spanish). I tried to help kids from the streets with a difficult background and many of them are Latinos. I like to think that I speak a little". 

Mark Wahlberg is the actor of the moment, producer of the show Ballers and protagonist of the comedy Ted 2. Writer, producer and actor, Wahlberg declares in the interview that he is an advocate for the kids with difficulties. Wahlberg who to play The Gambler studied literary works like Beowulf and sat in on college lectures likes to research and study to do a good acting job. This Bostonian lives in Los Angeles and speaks very good in Spanish.


Robert Downey Jr.: “Don Quixote” is brilliant, inspirational

He was destined to play Don Quixote in the big screen but the delay of the project turn away the possibility. Today Robert Downey Jr. is a big star thanks to the Iron Man franchise that has become a box office and a critical success. Nobody thought fifteen years ago that Robert Downey Jr. would be the face of that franchise, plus an Avenger. Problems aside he's made quite a comeback thanks to titles like Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man and Avengers. As a modern Don Quixote he knows how to fight against all odds.

Jon Hamm talks about his passion for reading... and for the Spanish National Soccer team

Jon Hamm is one of the most interesting actors in Hollywood and kindly he talked to us about his passion for reading, his admiration for the Spanish national soccer team and, of course, the new season of Mad Men. Thanks to the seductive fictional character Don Draper, the actor Jon Hamm has become a fixture in the new era of television. In Los Angeles we had the luck to interview him.

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